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What information is available as public record in the UK?

It is surprising how much information you can find on the Internet. Because of the Public Records Act of 1958, the Public Records Act of 1967, and the Freedom of Information Act of 2005, there is a wide variety of data that is available publicly. Many people, however, do not realize exactly what they are entitled to access publicly. On the other side of the coin, many people do not realize what information about them is open to access from the public. The following list describes the various information that is available as public record in the UK.

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People Records: The first category of public records that you can find on UK’s National Archive website is records regarding people. There are several different categories of people records. You can access birth, death, marriage, and divorce records because all of these are publicly available. You can also access immigration records. There are also records related to people that have served in military and records of public employees. Additionally, you can access criminals, bankrupts, and litigants. This can be especially useful when looking to hire an employee for a business, or for you to check what public records are available about you. Finally, records of asylum inmates are available to the public, along with records of various religious groups.

Place Records: A second category of public records involves records about various places around the UK. You can access both national and local records, depending what you are most interested in. Another interesting and perhaps useful record is maps. You can access a variety of maps, including maps that outline land valuation.

Subject Records: A final category of public records involves records about a variety of different subjects. For example, you have access to many different historical records including political history records from 1800 to present. You can also access records regarding the UK’s military and war history. In this category, you can also access educational records and business records.

In summary, there is a plethora of records available to the public on UK’s National Archive website. These are made publicly available because of the various laws passed in the UK. It’s quite important to know what is out just in case you want to investigate the public records of someone you know. It’s also important to be able to cross reference and check your own personal public records to make sure that they are as accurate as possible.

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